We take the PERSONAL in personal training very serious.

At Fusion Kinetics, we understand results aren't achievable by attending a trending bootcamp or cycle class ONCE a week. It's a commitment that is made between you and your personal trainer to change your holistic outlook on health and fitness.

No more waiting for machines or an audience examining your every move as you squat...

Options to have private sessions or sharing the gym space with either 1 or 2 other sessions are available. We guarantee that there will never be more than 3 training sessions on the floor at the same time.

We have 3 unique personal training phases to accommodate your fitness level depending on your initial physical condition and your end goals

Conditioning Phase

If you've never worked out before why should you hit the StairMaster or Bench Press Machine on Day 1? Introduce your body and mind to different levels of fitness, equipment and techniques to safely increase your strength and endurance.

Customized Training Phase

Transform your body both inside and out or focus completely on a specific area. With a fusion of fitness equipment, full body training, boxing, TRX, Crossfit, Core training and so much more, achieving faster results will become the new norm for you.


(As Seen On House of Cards and Suits)

Refining Phase

You're seeing the changes, your metabolism is finally on point and then...you hit a plateau. Have no fear-FK is here!!! By tracking your body composition throughout your sessions, every workout is customized to meet your changing body. Your details are stored in a database which can be accessed at anytime by both yourself as well as your personal trainer.


1 on 1 training

Are you shy? Or just like working out in your own space? This is best suited for personal goals and achievements.

Group Training

Craving for more mother/daughter or father/son time? Achieve results together and infuse a healthy lifestyle into the daily routines of all your loved ones.

Couples Therapy Training

" The couple that TRAINS together-stays together" Build trust and a stronger bond between you and your partner. We also offer couples date night specials as we are open 24/7.

Corporate Training

De-stress your employees and improve their focus for better results in you workplace. Offered in the FK facility or your workplace environment.

Sport-Specific Training

Strengthen your body for better technique both in and out the game.

Event / Wedding Training

Get in shape for vacation, a graduation, your wedding day or just have everyone glowing for the photos, as photos last a lifetime.

Physical Disabilities Training

Improve low muscle tone with exercises incorporating motor function therapy and resistance training. Help your loved ones strengthen their physical functions and personal daily activities.

Pre/Post Baby Training

Want to stay fit while preparing for your new bundle of joy? FK will assist you with having a healthy and safe pregnancy with customized workouts including labor stretching. We will also help you get back in shape and stay energized after your new arrival.

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